Administering Forms to Participants

Follow the guidelines below to ensure success in administering scan forms.

General Points:

  • How you administer forms affects your data (response rate, data quality).
  • Procedures matter.
  • Attitude matters.
  • Achieving a 100% response rate is your goal.
  • 50% is the minimally acceptable response rate.

Specific Actions to Take (Setting the Stage):

  • Have a dedicated time for participants to complete the evaluation (preferably listed on the agenda).Marking Instructions
  • Generally it works better to distribute forms just before the evaluation rather than at registration.
  • Mention the evaluation time at beginning of the meeting.
  • Have a specific collection point.
  • If using scan forms, a black or blue pen works best, but pencil works too.
  • Have a supply of pens.
  • Include an incentive to increase participation (i.e., a few door prizes with winners randomly selected among those who completed an evaluation). Or, make returning an evaluation a requirement for receiving CEUs.
  • If using a pre-post strategy with matched ids, use a unique number that participants will remember but will be anonymous to you (i.e., last four digits of a phone number, etc.).

Specific Actions to Take (Communicating with Participants):

  • Make sure any communication regarding data collection is done with a positive attitude!
  • Emphasize that you want their most honest and complete responses.
  • Mention that it is anonymous if that is the case.
  • Emphasize its importance – that it helps you and them. Future programs will be improved as a result.
  • If working with young children, you may need to guide them through the survey by reading aloud the questions and possible responses.
  • Refer to the marking instructions on the scan form (below) that ask for bubbles to be filled in completely