Copying Scan Forms

To ensure your scan forms are usable, please follow all of these guidelines when printing or copying your forms:

ONE SHEET: For two-page forms, print or copy on single sheet of paper (front and back). Do not use staples!

WHITE PAPER: Copy on white paper. Do not use colored paper.

CENTER: Center your copies so that the cornerstones are not cut off or even near the edge of the paper. Sending copies directly to your printer or copier should automatically center your copies. Manually making copies can lead to non-centered copies if the form is not placed correctly. Do not copy from a copy that’s already not centered.

PRINT QUALITY: Make good quality copies such that the text is bold and clear. Faded or smeared cornerstones can render a form unscannable.

SIZE: Do not enlarge or reduce the size of the form.

SOURCE: Always go to the download page to access and print a form. This will produce the best print quality and ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date version of the form. Avoid making copies from copies.

ONE FORM ONLY: Do not combine forms. Do not copy the front side of one form to the back side of another form.

CUSTOMIZATION: Do not use Adobe Acrobat, Word, or any other software to edit existing text or move bubbles! Just add text if, and where, the form allows you to as you view it on the screen.