When to use Scan Forms


Using Scan Forms VS Not Using Scan Forms

Evaluation using scan forms

This is a popular, convenient way to collect data in which many of the operational steps involved in the evaluation are performed by Organizational Development at no charge. It involves just a few steps – selecting a scan form, making copies, and submitting completed forms to Organization Development. Results are sent to you a few weeks later. Counties required to submit customer satisfaction data should use a scan form to meet that requirement.

Check out more information about how to conduct an evaluation using a scan form https://extod.wpengine.com/evaluation-using-scan-forms/

Evaluations not using scan forms

This involves designing and implementing an evaluation yourself without use of scan forms. This is appropriate if you didn’t find a scan form that met your needs or if you have very specific data collection requirements in terms of strategy, target audience, questions, format, length, etc. that need to be customized and under your total control. Data collection typically involves the use of Qualtrics for web surveys, audience response systems (clickers), non-scan form paper surveys, or non-survey methods such as observation, records review, etc.

Check out more information about how to conduct an evaluation not using a scan form https://extod.wpengine.com/evaluation-not-using-scan-forms/
This image is a graphic representation of the dichotomy of using scan forms vs. not using scan form, available options, and what is expected from you under each course of action.