How Data is Used

Data from the planning and reporting system are used or can be used for several aspects of accountability for the agency.  These include state, federal and local needs.  Below is a summary of how data relates to these three stakeholder groups.

State Accountability
Data from the TExAS is used for two primary purposes on the state level.  Both relate to legislative mandates as stated in the appropriations bill that authorizes our funding.  To comply with this we report output data quarterly and outcome data annually.  Below is a description of our measures.Output Measure – Data directly related to contacts.  We report the total number of contacts for group methods, individual methods (site, mail/e-mail, office, and phone) plus contacts made by volunteers by group and individual methods.  These are reported quarterly by state goal.

Outcome Measure – Data from our customer satisfaction program is reported annually in an aggregated format and by state goals.  Several questions from the survey are put together to develop a Customer Satisfaction Index.  In addition, we report the overall value of Extension and those who anticipate adopting the practices we teach

Outcome Program Summaries and Evaluations – At various times we are requested to submit findings from various Outcome Programs and other evaluations of programs conducted by our agency.  These come from a multitude of sources and are requested at any time during the year.  We respond to these on an as needed basis.

Federal Accountability
The focus of federal accountability centers on the results of specific outcome based programs we conduct across the state.  A team of 14 individuals compiles data and submits written reports that are compiled into final Report of Accomplishments for the state.  This report is combined with data from the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station and submitted with the report from Prairie View.  In addition, data collected from the multi-state/integrated and federal programs sections of time and contact estimates are part of the federal report.

Local Needs
Used as needed by agents and specialists across the state for various county and district reports.