How to Create a Scan Form

A form is not scannable unless specifically designed by Organizational Development using special software!


Can my survey form be made scannable?

Organization Development’s current resources allow us to consider making your survey form scannable if . . .

  • the request is made at least one week before its needed.
  • the survey supports a major program evaluation. This includes:
  1. Events with anticipated large number of completed surveys (i.e., 300+)
  2. Regional or state programs
  3. Recurring events
  4. High likelihood the form would be used by other agents and/or specialists

Examples of programs that have qualified in the past include:

  • Food Handlers
  • Healthy Texas
  • Beef Cattle Short Course
  • ANR Regional Forms
  • 4-H Leadership Lab
  • CEP Youth Voice, Youth Choice
  • Diabetes Education Awareness Program
  • Wild Pig Control

If your project meets the aforementioned criteria, contact Organizational Development to request scan form design services.