Reasons to Evaluate

As Extension educators, we evaluate our programs to. . .

Demonstrate something (summative evaluation):

  • determine if a program has achieved its objectives (effectiveness)
  • know how lives were changed (impact)
  • estimate the economic impact of a program
  • report to stakeholders (accountability)
  • report to management (performance appraisal)
  • help direct programming efforts on a larger scale (coordination)
  • use results in marketing the program (promotion)
  • be equipped to advocate for a program or intervention

Improve something (formative evaluation):

  • fine-tune the design and implementation of a program in its initial phases
  • modify programs that are not working according to plan or take advantage of something that is working exceptionally well (improvement)
  • identify opportunities and develop new efforts
  • improve efficiency
  • be encouraged and further motivated to continue excellence in programming