Science of Agriculture Scan Forms

These are the current “standard” agriculture awareness forms for Extension.

About Your Choices
Three forms are available. Q1 – Q9 are the same on each and must be used. Q10 – Q18 are optional questions in which you can enter your own question or select questions using a pull-down menu.  Selecting a question automatically fills in the text for you.

If  you elect to include additional questions (Q19 and beyond) on page 2 of a form, your choice of form depends on which response categories you prefer (Yes,No,DK / T,F / Multiple Choice).

If you elect not to use any questions on page 2, any of the three forms can be used (it doesn’t matter) but you still need to blank out the questions on page 2 and included it with your printed copy (See Important Instruction Below!).

Administer a Pretest and Posttest!
These forms are designed to be administered as a traditional pre-post test of knowledge (with no matching by name or id). Comparing the difference between pretest and posttest scores is how knowledge gained is demonstrated empirically. Administering the post only does not demonstrate knowledge gained, has very little value, and should be avoided. Plan on administering both a pretest and posttest.

Extremely Important
Please carefully read and follow the step-by-step instructions below.


  1. Develop your test of knowledge in Word – questions and multiple choice responses (if applicable) – before using the scan form.
  2. If you develop questions for just one side of the form, use the toggle on the 2nd page (this will blank out unused response categories but leave the survey id and four cornerstones).
  3. Print two copies. Be sure to print all pages of the forms – even blank page(s) – so that the four cornerstones appear on every page. 
  4. In the “Office Use Only” box, fill in the pre-bubble on one form; fill-in the post-bubble on the other form.
  5. Make copies of both the pre and post tests (copy two-page forms on single sheet).
  6. Send a key with the correct answers with your completed forms and cover sheet.


Science of Agriculture Scan Forms: