Status of Your County in Customer Satisfaction Reporting

Determining the status of your county in terms of customer satisfaction reporting for the current fiscal year is available within the TexasData website. It’s a simple map that’s updated roughly once a week.

Follow these steps to view the map:

  1. Log into TexasData.


2. Once logged in, click on the Evaluation Tab on the right.


3. Then click on “Cust. Sat. Status Map.”


4. The map show four groups of counties in terms of customer satisfaction reporting. Required counties have a county name label and are coded as either green (reported) or red (not reported). If your county is red, you still need to submit customer satisfaction forms to Organizational Development before the fiscal year ends.

Since any county can use customer satisfaction forms, the map also shows dark brown (other counties reported) and light brown (other counties not reported). You’ll also see the the “Last Update” date to know when the status map was most recently updated. The example below is from April 3, 2019.