Tracking Your Forms

Scan form tracking is available within the TexasData website. Typically forms are logged into an Excel database within a few days of Organizational Development receiving them. Then the tracking system within TexasData is updated roughly once a week. This tracking system only shows if, and when, Organizational Development received your forms. It does not link to any results nor include any non-scan forms received by Organizational Development.

Follow these steps to see if your scan forms have arrived to Organizational Development:

  1. Log into TexasData.


2. Once logged in, click on the Evaluation Tab on the right.


3. Then click on “Search Scan Forms.”


4. Then use the filters on the right side to narrow your search. Most search on Name or Lead County (or Unit). First click on “All” to clear all selections, then click on your Name or County (or Unit). You can reselect “All” to include everything again.


The display includes 1) date the scan forms were received by Organizational Development, 2) date of the activity listed on the cover sheet, 3) form type – customer satisfaction vs. non-customer satisfaction, 4) name listed on the cover sheet, 5) lead county or unit listed on the cover sheet, 6) activity title listed on the cover sheet, 7) days to arrive at Organization Development based on columns 1 and 2, and 8) attendance listed on the cover sheet. All displays are in descending “date received” order.