Sending Your Forms

Please follow these steps to submit your scan forms via traditional postal mail or package delivery service to Organizational Development for processing:

  1. For maximum accuracy, review your forms and fill-in any incomplete marks.
  2. Make copies of the forms for yourself if you want to retain the comments or have a backup set.
  3. Complete and submit a cover sheet for each set of forms you want processed.
  4. Mail the forms to:
    Paul Pope

    Extension Organizational Development
    600 John Kimbrough Boulevard, Room 128H
    College Station, TX 77843-2116
  5. Allow 2-4 weeks for processing and receipt of your results via email.
  6. You can check here to confirm your forms have arrived at Organizational Development.

Remember, Organizational Development processes scan forms only.
Do not send non-scan forms.
Do not send cash or checks.


How can I tell if a form is scannable?

A form is scannable if there are four cornerstones – one in each corner. The cornerstones are circled in red in the image below. You’ll also see a number and/or grid in one corner . In this illustration, there is a grid and survey number (21257) in the lower right corner.